Doing a new tender differently

Does the contract with the supplier you’re not particularly satisfied with expire? And that’s the reason why you’re squabbling with the question of how you’re going to do the new tender differently? Didn’t the last project go as planned? Do you want a different result this time? There’s no such thing as the perfect tender and of course you never have any guarantees. But one thing makes sense: if you do the same thing you did last time, you’ll get the very same results!

More guidance leads to non-performance

What is the natural tendency after a bad project or ineffective contract? To dictate even more in a new tender. And to include even more detailed requirements. This leads to an equally natural reaction from suppliers. Namely to do exactly what the client has written down. With no responsibility and no involvement as a result. And reactive behavior. There is also another danger lurking. In such a new tender, every bidder will offer the same thing. Therefore there is no difference in quality, only in price. The risk of contracting a non-performer is a serious one!

Recognizing expertise leads to selection of high-performers

With the Best Value approach, clients can approach things differently in a new tender. In order to make maximum use of the expertise of suppliers. And above all to create a collaborative environment, where suppliers have overview and take control. And where they feel responsibility and involvement in achieving good results for the client. Following the Best Value selection process in a new tender is an excellent opportunity to recognise expertise. And to be able to distinguish the non-performers from the high-performers.

Would you like to know how this works? And which opportunities the Best Value approach offer you and your organisation? Please contact us.

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