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Best Value Basics Course (Pre-recorded)

This is the only B-certified course in Europe that addresses Best Value from BOTH client and vendor side AND can be taken from anyplace and anywhere, at your own pace. 

The Best Value Basics Course (B certification) is a logical first step when you want to learn about Best Value. The 100% digital course consists of lessons with short 3 to 4 minute videos. The lessons are designed to find relevant information from a client and a vendor’s perspective. All phases of the Best Value approach are addressed, including real life examples. Finishing all lessons leads to an international accredited certificate level B.

  • Start immediately after enrollment, time and place independent
  • Register your B certificate less than 3 hours after enrollment
  • Live interaction with a Best Value Expert (video conference)
  • 12 month subscription: use content material as a reference
  • Developed by Best Value Experts (A+) trainers, under license from Arizona State University

What is the essence?

In less than 3 hours time you will learn about the Best Value approach, its main principles and methodology. What are the phases in the model, what happens in every step, to what relevance, what is needed and what pitfalls and failures are there to watch out for when putting Best Value into practice.

With this Best Value Basics Course you can start directly after registration and learn about Best Value in an efficient way. The digital modules are designed to guide you through all phases of the model, step by step. Discuss topics in a video conference with a Best Value Expert.

Your skills after the training?

After completing the Best Value Basics Course you can:

  • identify the phases and steps in methodology of Best Value, as well as the pitfalls and failures in a Best Value project
  • participate in a Best Value project, for example as a member of the rating committee (client side) or as a bid team member (vendors side)
  • enroll in a B+ certified Masterclass
After having completed this course you may print your certificate and will be registered on the website of Best Value Experts Academy, a professional and licensed partner of Arizona State University, originator and gatekeeper of the Best Value foundation and methodology.

For whom?

This Best Value Basics Course is suitable for anyone that wants to know how the Best Value approach works, either vendor or client, and in various roles (such as procurement, account management, project management, sales).

Course topics

This Best Value Basics Course addresses the following topics:

  • Key principles, popularity and application
  • Paradigm change
  • How to start applying Best Value?
  • What is SMART and ‘dominant’?
  • How to identify expertise?
    – Selection procedure
    – Setting award criteria, competitive range, ranking method
    – Identifying project goals, scope and requirements
  • How to show expertise?
    – Client analysis and preparing a Best Value bid
  • Interviews
  • Process and steps of the clarification phase
  • How to utilise expertise? Approach of the execution phase

Training configuration

  • 100% online, pre-recorded course (under 3 hours), independent of time and place
  • 28 x 3-4 minute videos, including real life examples
  • Multiple choice questions and answers to self test your knowledge
  • Online interaction with a Best Value Expert (video conference, once a week)
  • 12 month subscription: use content material as a reference
  • Developed by Best Value Experts (A+) trainers, under license from Arizona State University

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