Best Value Masterclass

Get started with Best Value in an interactive, compact, and efficient program

This B+ certified course is interactive and focused on applying Best Value to real-life situations and cases. There is also ample opportunity for the exchange of experiences between participants.

The Best Value Masterclass B+ training is a logical continuation of your Best Value Basics Course (B Certification). It deepens and extends your Best Value knowledge so that you can apply Best Value independently. A considerable part of the training includes the philosophy – the foundation of Best Value – which is necessary for successful application of the Best Value approach. The training is concluded with an exam that leads to an internationally accredited  B+ certificate.

  • Learn from Best Value Expert (A+) trainers
  • Practice with real-life cases in our 2-day training
  • Get your Best Value Expert registration with a B+ certificate
  • Free book: “How to Know Everything Without Knowing Anything”

What is the essence?

Spread out over two days, you will learn more about the Best Value principles and gain tools to apply the methodology in practice. We do this via cases and by exchanging experiences between and among participants and trainers. In an interactive way, we prepare you for the exam with which we conclude every day. 95% of participants pass immediately.

The Best Value Masterclass focuses on the principles behind Best Value, as well as the approach.

Your skills after the training?

After finishing the Best Value Masterclass you are able to:

  • apply the Best Value Approach in projects, for example in tender teams, bid teams, assessment teams, in project management, and as a key person in the Best Value process
  • understand and apply the basic principles of Best Value
  • participate in the Best Value Expert training – A certification

After this training you will have earned the B+ certificate, and you will be registered on the website of Best Value Nederland, the platform of Best Value professionals in Europe. After this you can start with the Best Value Expert Training – A certification.

For whom?

This training is intended to be for anyone who wants a deeper insight into the Best Value approach and wants to apply Best Value independently, either you are a client or a vendor, and in various roles (purchasing, account management, project management, sales). Especially for buyers, contract managers, project managers, tender managers, bid managers, and other key personnel (such as service delivery managers, technical managers, design managers, etc.)

Course topics

This training is a logical follow-up of the B-training offering a deeper and broader perspective and the opportunity to deal with the Best Value subjects of the digital training in an interactive and practical manner:

  • Most important principles
  • Paradigm change
  • How to start with Best Value?
  • How to recognise expertise?
    – defining objectives, scope and conditions
    – assessment procedure
    – setting award criteria, competitive range, ranking method
  • How to demonstrate expertise?
    – client analysis and preparation for a Best Value tender
  • Interviews
  • Process and steps in the clarification phase
  • How to utilise expertise? How to approach the execution phase?

In addition, we will ask you to apply your knowledge to a specific case and we will prepare you for the exam by practicing exam questions. Every training day is concluded with an exam.

Training configuration

  • 2 days onsite training
  • including 2 exams of 1 hour
  • Accredited A+ trainers, licensed by Arizona State University
  • Free book: “How to Know Everything Without Knowing Anything” by Dr. Dean Kashiwagi, founder of Best Value
  • Both in-company and open courses available

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