We know how to apply Best Value successfully. We are 100% dedicated to the training and coaching of individuals, teams, and organisations in applying the Best Value approach in the fields of sales, procurement, preparation, and execution in various industries (ICT, Construction, Engineering, Services), since 2011.

We are licensed and accredited by Arizona State University’s Skysong Innovations, certified at the highest level (A+) and acknowledged for our Best Value education.

Our most popular courses:

Best Value FAST TRACK (B/B+, A-PREP)

Is Best Value new to you and are you looking for ways to optimise and utilise expertise?


Are you looking for in-company training? We have helped more than 100 companies to apply Best Value.

Popular course details
LevelFor whomEntry levelTrainingDurationTrainingAccess to pre-recorded Basics Course (2 hour video material)Certificate
Beginner, practitionerClients and vendors who want to implement BVA principles in their work/organisationIs setting up or working in a BVP project or will apply BVA principlesBVP Fast Track3 weeksWeekly 2 x 2,5 hour MS Teams sessions, during 3 weeks
Pre-recorded course of 2 hours to prepare
1 yearB/B+