Co-creation: purchasing offers added value

One of the most important purchasing trends for 2019 is co-creation. Because tomorrow’s purchasing is about more than just lowering prices. Or securing goods and limiting risks. Modern purchasing’ focuses on creating added value for the organisation.

Co-creation is about the joint development and delivery of products, services or systems.  With the combined efforts of all stakeholders involved. This means that purchasing will seek cooperation with its most important suppliers.

Co-creation offers great opportunities for purchasing

Co-creation offers great opportunities for purchasing to put themselves on the map and to create real added value for the organisation. First of all, purchasing can demonstrate its added value in identifying and selecting the right party with which you want to shape the co-creation. This is obviously crucial for a successful co-creation. As a buyer, you guide your internal clients in defining what such a party has to meet.

It is then crucial to create an environment in which this co-creation is optimally achieved, can flourish and offers added value for both parties. Here, too, purchasing can provide significant added value for the organisation by creating an environment in which cooperation principles, starting points and the way in which to act in specific situations are clear to all those involved.

Purchasing monitors the added value for co-creators

The co-creation itself is then about the joint harmonisation of goals, performance and KPIs (including any desired price reduction). The strategies of the co-creators must be coordinated in this respect. Purchasing also plays a crucial role here: as a process supervisor, we coordinate, safeguard and monitor the cooperation principles and starting points and ensure that there is added value for both co-creators.

The principles and starting points of the Best Value approach fit in seamlessly with the goal and the intended collaboration of co-creation. As an organisation, you want co-creators who are involved, who think in terms of win-win and common interest, who feel responsible, who act proactively and who contemplate what they are doing. The Best Value selection process is the ideal tool to identify and select co-creators. The Best Value principles and principles form the basis for creating an optimal co-creator environment.

Do you want to know what possibilities Best Value offers for identifying co-creation partners? Or for setting up an optimal co-creation environment and cooperation?

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