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We offer approved training and certification on Best Value

The Best Value Approach was first introduced by Arizona State University (ASU) and is a licensed technology through ASU’s Skysong Innovations. Because we have licensed in the technology and have the highest possible level of certification (A+ train the trainers) we are one of few agencies in Europe approved to administer training and exams for Best Value certification levels A, B+, B.

Educational Programs about the Best Value Approach

  • In company courses

    Get registered as a vendor with Best Value B+ certified teams to dominantly show the client you understand Best Value. Avoid tender failure by educating procurement on Best Value application. Get management support to leverage expertise with our 2 hour Management Masterclass. Read more on our Products Page.

  • Open courses

    Are you working in sales, procurement, contract or project management and want to know (more) about ‘Best Value’? Save time with our blended learning program, work on real-life cases with other ‘Best Value’ practitioners and get A or B+ certified while you are at it. Read more on our Products Page.

Our education is tailored towards English speaking participants. We also provide courses in the Dutch language.

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