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    We offer a combination of online learning and classroom training


Open Course Benefits

  • Only 1 day classroom training (onsite)
  • Start within 1 minute after registration
  • 100% Vendor oriented
  • Best Value B+ certification registered with the creator of Best Value/AzTe
  • Receive the book “How to Know Everything Without Knowing Anything”

Training Approach

Our approach focuses on both theory and application of Best Value from the Vendors perspective. This will be discussed in depth and exercised. We use ‘blended learning’, a mix of digital training and classroom training. Training material and spoken word is in English.

All elements that contribute to a good Best Value proposal will be addressed, such as:

  • Shifting from a reactive to a proactive orientation
  • Making clear performance claims
  • Addressing (mitigation of) the main ‘external’ risks
  • Adding concrete value to the project with Value Adds
  • The essence of the interviews and how to prepare for them
  • The importance of metrics and how to collect metrics
  • Purpose of and approach to the clarification phase
  • Towards successful execution: use of weekly risk reports

Training Time

The Best Value Vendor Training takes in total < 2 days to complete. Participants can spread 40% of that time over a couple of weeks:

  • 4 hours of digital training (place and time independent)
  • 1,5 hours to prepare for the classroom training (case)
  • 8 hours classroom training including 2 hours exam

Training Results

After training participants:

  • Can obtain the Best Value B+ certificate
  • Understand the basic principles of the Best Value philosophy (IMT)
  • Understand the Best Value selection process (PIPS) and the requirements for a successful Best Value execution
  • Can proceed to Best Value advanced programs, for example to obtain an A-certificate

Best Value B+ Certificate

The Best Value Approach, created by Dr. Dean Kashiwagi, is a licensed technology through ASU Technology Transfer (AzTe). Best Value Experts Academy is licensed by AzTe and approved by Dr. Kashiwagi to administer the training and exams for B and B+ certification.
All participants that pass the B+ exam receive the Best Value B+ certificate, accredited by Dr. Dean Kashiwagi and AzTe. They will be mentioned in the B+ register on the website of Dr. Dean Kashiwagi.

Target group

The Best Value Vendor training is intended for all functions that are accountable in the sales and delivery process to achieve client objectives. To optimize and utilize expertise, the Best Value mindset is needed on all levels (strategic, tactical and operational).

We also offer in-company courses
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