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Best Value Expert Class (Best Value A certification)

You are Best Value B (+) certified and were already involved in one or more Best Value projects. Now you want to take it to next level, the A certificate. This intensive training supports you in doing so.

Step-by-step you go through the phases of an actual Best Value program that you are currently working on and you learn to apply Best Value in your own practice. The planning of the training is tailored as closely as possible to the planning of the Best Value project. You write an article about your Best Value project in which you demonstrate to understand the Best Value principles and that you know how to apply them in practice. Finally, you present your article to the Best Value Certification Board.

During the training you will be prepped for your presentation. Reflection, intervision and coaching by the trainers are pivotal to this training. A nice added value of this training is that you simultaneously professionalize your own Best Value project.

  • Learn from Best Value expert (A +) coaches how you independently prepare and supervise a Best Value project
  • Prepare yourself 100% for your A certification presentation, including a final rehearsal of your presentation
  • Register as internationally recognized Best Value expert A
  • Reflect on and professionalize the Best Value project you are currently working on
  • Your skills after the training?

    After completing this training and a successful presentation for the Board you can:

    • Independently set up a Best Value project in which the Best Value principles are guaranteed
    • Supervise and manage a Best Value project independently
    • To persuade, train and coach others involved in a Best Value tender and / or offer
    • Professionalize Best Value projects in your organization
    • Secure the Best Value approach and Best Value thinking in the organization: wider utilize the Best Value principles to improve performance and efficiency in your organization and through the supply chain

    You are a proven Best Value Expert and able to identify and select (strategic) suppliers and partners, through an efficient process, and prepare the execution phase to secure a smooth transition from selection to execution. In doing so, risks are minimized and performance maximized, during the selection phase and especially during the execution phase. After all, that is where it must be done.

    After a successful presentation for the board you will receive the A certificate and you will be registered on the website of Best Value Nederland, the platform of Best Value professionals in Europe.

    For whom?

    This training is suitable for procurement and sales professionals who have ran one or more Best Value projects  and want to learn from peers and mentors. Requirements: B+ certificate and currently running a Best Value project.

    Course topics


    • Day 1 – Layout and goal of the training
    • Day 2 – The preparation phase
    • Day 3 – The quality documents
    • Day 4 – The interviews
    • Day 5 – The clarification phase
    • Day 6 – The execution phase
    • Day 7 – Completion – Final rehearsal presentation A certification

    The content is determined mainly by the participants themselves: group coaching on the above-mentioned Best Value topics.

    Training configuration

    • Onsite training of 7 x 8 hours
    • Including final rehearsal of the individual presentation for the Certification Board
    • During the training and the Best Value project, participants keep a logbook in which they make notes on observations and reflect on them. The log is the foundation for the individual certification article about the personal experiences with the Best Value application
    • Focus on intervision, reflection and feedback from participants and trainers
    • Focus on the Best Value projects from the practice of each participant
    • Accredited A + trainers, under license from Arizona State University

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